Home to the Cradle of National Independence, the Bajío has become a synonym for strategy. Its geographical location and its economic dynamism make it a key region to the national and international economy. item Bajío is excited to collaborate with you and your strategy

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Representing a Worldwide Brand Locally

Representing a Worldwide Brand Locally

Like our customers, we too are born and raised in the territory we serve. We know the territory.

That means there is always a qualified and knowledgeable item Bajío team member in your area to help you quickly and efficiently. From our energetic sales team, our skillful engineers, to our experienced installers - we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to help our partners every step of the way.

Custom Engineering Services

Our customers build cars, airplanes, semi-conductors, Hollywood sets, medical devices, agriculture products, robotics, and a whole spectrum of manufacturing concerns.

item Bajío is tasked to deliver maximum availability and specialized customer care. Thus, we have built a team of experienced SolidEdge designers that can turn your idea into firm mechanical drawings and 3D depictions of each project.

Custom Engineering Services
Kitting, Machining & Assembly

Kitting, Machining & Assembly

item Bajío offers several different ways to serve the needs of our customers:

  1. Do it yourself.
    Standard sized aluminum extrusion and connector systems can be purchased so that you can do your own machining and assembly
  2. Cut and Ship.
    We cut and machine aluminum extrusion to specific sizes and then ship to you.
  3. We ship, you assemble.
    Kitting services where fully designed product solutions are shipped without assembly
  4. We assemble.
    Assembly services are also available both on-site and at the factory.

Installation & On-Site Support

For many of our customers the face of item Bajío is our on-site services. Item West can provide a host of site service support ranging from consultation, facility layout and design, product delivery, product placement and setup. We make it easy for you.

Installation & On-Site Support
Our Offices

Our Offices

The item Bajío headquarters are situated Irapuato, Guanajuato.

item Bajío
Irapuato No. 204 – 07 
Esq. con Salamanca,
Col. Ciudad Industrial,
Irapuato, GTO 
C.P. 36541

Email: ventas(at)itembajio(dot)mx
Phone: +52 1 (462) 621-7608


Not your region?

From concept to completion: Our US team of experts are ready to support you at any stage of your project. Reach any location by calling +1 (301) 665-9772 or send us an email.